Hardwood Flooring Moisture Mat
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Hardwood Flooring Moisture Mat

MFR: Mullican Flooring
Product ID : ACMM1001
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  • Size: 500 sq.ft.

Ideal for Wood Flooring

With a moisture vapor permeance of less than 1, Moisture Mat is a superior vapor retarder under wood flooring applications. Moisture Mat helps slow moisture vapor originating below the floor system, allowing the wood flooring to acclimate gradually. By reducing the rate of moisture migration, Moisture Mat protects against moisture vapor related floor problems such as bucking, cupping or cracking. As a semi-permeable material, Moisture Mat is much less likely to trap moisture condensation between it and the sub-floor. Moisture Mat also acts as a “slip sheet” to minimize dust and reduce noise.

Product Use and Composition

Moisture Mat is a semipermeable moisture vapor retarder or cleavage membrane for use under wood floor installations. Moisture Mat is rated for “moderate” water-vapor resistance. Moisture Mat is a 30/30/30 Grade B asphalt laminated duplex type kraft paper.

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