Bostik Blaze Urethane Haze & General Cleaner
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Bostik Blaze Urethane Haze & General Cleaner

MFR: Bostik Smart Adhesives
Product ID : ASBO106
Price: $39.95


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  • Recommended cleaner for Bostik Quartzlock2, Bostik TruColor and Bostik Dimension Grout.
  • Effective for removing haze from tile surfaces after installing urethane-based grouts.
  • Excellent routine tile floor cleaner when diluted

While urethane grout is typically easy to clean off the surface of most tiles, some surfaces require a chemical-based cleaner to remove residual urethane film or haze. Bostik Blaze Urethane Grout and General Purpose Cleaner is an effective way to clean tile surfaces after installing urethane-based grouts. It can be used to remove haze which may remain after urethane grout installation. Bostik Blaze works especially well on surfaces such as high gloss tile, through-body porcelain, and etched/frosted glass.

Product Use

Blaze is safe to use on ceramic and porcelain tile, natural stone such as marble, granite, limestone, travertine, sandstone, flagstone, masonry, concrete, metal, and glass tile. In its diluted form, Bostik Blaze is an excellent routine tile floor cleaner. Apply directly to a clean dry sponge and then, use it to clean the tile surfaces that have haze or residue after installation.

Tips and Recommendations

  • For tough spots, apply the Blaze cleaner directly to the surface and wait a few minutes.
  • Avoid applying the Blaze cleaner on the grout lines. Focus efforts on the tile surface that requires cleaning.
  • Bostik Blaze cleaner works by dissolving urethane, so use in moderation to avoid breaking down the grout.

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